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As we move more and more towards a remote work-from-home life, becoming cyber secure has never been more important. Whether you're a teacher, a front-line hero, a parent with children at home or one of the millions working from home - are you doing enough to protect yourself online?

Protecting your PC is not enough anymore, every internet connected device is an entry door for hackers. Clicks -- whether on your PC, mobile phone or tablet -- get you around the web and could also lead you into the traps of hackers and cyber criminals. It may seem harmless to click on a link or a news article, but you are suspectible to:

What's Inside?

Nothing that will make you fall asleep.

When AI meets spam text messages, you get Esther. We all sometimes get email's that pass through SPAM filters, or text messages that appear harmless, but are secretly attacks in disguise. That's where Esther comes in, she'll tell you if that text is real or fake. We've partnered with AskEsther.ai to give our premium members exclusive access to their "Is this real?" artifical intelligence system! Coming soon, learn more.

Did you know that there are tons of fake websites out there? Cyber criminals will purposefully create websites that mimic real sites one-to-one such as Facebook, PayPal, Apple and your bank. Why you ask? To steal your account information and commit fraud, identity theft and even transfer away your hard earned money. You don't want that do you? Neither do we. Learn how to spot these and be smarter than the hackers!

We all know the drama surrounding some of the largest social media websites from fake news to identity theft, but did you know that gathering private and personal information about you is extremely easy on these websites? Information that cyber criminals can use against you. Learn what to look out for and keep yourself secure!

You know those emails from the prince of some random providence claiming to give you his inheritance, or an email from the IRS claiming you owe them money, or from a large tech company saying you need to reset your password and the list goes on. What about zip/PDF attachments in a seemingly harmless email? There are various forms of communication we have at our disposable, which means more opportunities to get attacked by cyber criminals! Learn how to spot these fake emails!

Those robocalls are annoying, you know the telephone calls from random numbers and a robotic voice answers. The text messages they send you are even more annoying. While there are steps you can take to limit the amount you get every day, the scammers behind them continue to find ways to target you. It's important to recognize which is real and which is a scam in disguise. Trust us, we don't like them just as much as you. Learn how to spot them and keep these scammers at bay.

Chances are you're using a WiFi connection to visit our website right now. Seems harmless and could absolutely be if it's 100% private, but how many times did you connect to a public or "free" WiFi network at a coffee shop or the airport? Guess what ... someone was probably trying to hack you without you even being aware. The years old saying "Nothing is ever free" will always be correct. Learn why and what steps you can take to keep yourself secure!

As one of the many benefits of our personal cyber security awareness training and certification program, you will receive some special insider tips throughout the training (such as USB flash drive threats), as well as, via an exclusive newsletter to keep you updated on latest threats. Hackers are constantly evoling their tactics and so should your knowledge to protect yourself!

Cyber security is a constantly evolving field with many complexities. The good news is that you don't have to be an IT professional or computer scientist to understand it. With our training and certification program, you will build a solid foundation on how to stay cyber security aware. We monitor the latest trends and to keep you fresh on your awareness certification, provide multiple levels in a manner that is tested to ensure you retain and stay sharp.


  • Be a Work-From-Home firewall. Cyber security isn't a joke and you can prove to yourself, cowokers, friends, family and employer that your new found certification can prevent cyber attacks.

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  • No technical background? No problem. Simple terms, real-life examples, easy to follow, interactive and no boring videos or long presentations that will make you fall asleep.

  • Less than a day. Our 100% web-based program was built to help you learn and retain from the comfort of your home.

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Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, your business is not immune to cyber attacks. Learn more about our corporate solutions.