Who We Are

We are a collective of engineers, computer scientists, IT professionals and ISO auditors whose mission is to provide cyber security awareness training and certification to people all over the world. Having been employed by small, medium and large corporations, it became obvious that all these companies share a common theme - getting hacked. With all the hardware and software in place that should in theory protect them, attacks still occur. We realized there is a serious need for educating the most powerful cyber security asset each company has, its employees.

When we started the CSC Authority in 2016, we wanted to make a training platform that would be easy to use, easy to follow and deliver a strong foundation in cyber security awareness that would be memorable and fun. We have all experienced the training that's currently in the market and quite frankly, we aren't the biggest fans. So, we sought out to build our own in a way that we would enjoy and would want to take, all while ensuring that people from all facets of the workforce (accounting, marketing, operations, etc..) would actually enjoy as well.

Whether you're currently certified by us, or looking to get certified by us, we hope you enjoy and learn. If you don't, please shoot us a message on how you think we could improve. At the end of the day, we are here to help you get more cyber secure and cyber aware.

Fun Fact: CSC stands for - Cyber Security Certification