60% of companies file bankruptcy after a cyber attack.

According to Small Business Trends Cyber Security Statistics.

Did you know your employees are your greatest cyber security threat?

The Cyber Security Certification Authority is here to make them your best line of defense. Train and certify your employees with our cloud-based cyber security awareness training.

Don't make your company a statistic.


Your Issue

Employees lack necessary cyber security awareness training.

Your company could spend tens of thousands of dollars on annual subscription costs for security software, mixed with overly expensive hardware firewalls and content filtering solutions. Yet it's still not enough.

Cyber threats will still find their way into your network.

In today's growing digital age, companies still don't invest enough in their IT teams, leaving them understaffed or completely outsourced. This causes a shift in focusing on maintaining your network infrastructure for your growing data and less on ensuring your work force have the knowledge on cyber security.

Our Solution

Effective Cloud Based Training

Your IT team protects your infrastructure and data. Let us enhance your cyber security plan.


Train your teams

Your employees learn at their own pace with our annual cloud-based training program, continuous learning via immitation phishing emails and newsletters with the latest tips and attacks. Your users will become more perceptive and astute to cyber threats.


Protect your assets

It takes one click. Simulated phishing programs are not enough to keep cyber attackers out of your network. Our solution trains your users to help avoid cyber attacks.


Gain peace of mind

Sleep well at night knowing that your network, data and money are safer with employees that are trained and certified to be more cyber aware.

Conference room trainings can be expensive, ineffective and repetitive. Our semi-annual cloud-based training solution offers a one-to-one approach that empowers your employees to retain knowledge and be your strongest firewall.

Our Process

Private company portal, semi-annual training program, certification and more.


After getting you signed up, you will have access to a private portal where you can view your users' progress and sign up new accounts.


Using just an internet browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome or Opera), your employees can start training right away and complete the session in as little as 30 minutes.


Upon completion, users take a short quiz to test their knowledge. Once passed, they will receive the CSC Authority certification, with new and refresher material tested semi-annually to keep their certification active.

Our Advantage

Modern cyber security training.

More than just phishing emails.

The other companies attempt to train your workforce to be smarter through phishing emails. Our approach goes beyond that to expose your users to threats they didn't even know they were suspectible to, both in and out of the office.

Minimize your risk.

For every second your untrained employees access your network, whether internal or remote, you put your infrastructure, money and data at risk from sneaky cyber attackers. With trained and certified employees, you can minimize your risk of a cyber attack.

Empowerment, not competition.

Our training and certification approach does not treat cyber security awareness as a game, the reprecussions could be devastating to your company. Through training that is engaging, interactive and candid, your employees will feel more confident without the pressure of competition that the other companies promote.

Could your business afford the consequences of an attack?

Getting attacked by a cyber criminal could drain your company's resources, expose your data and negatively impact your clients.


Protect your network. Prevent being a victim of ransomware. Be aware of phishing email tactics. Stop destructive viruses. Train your users.


Not a corporate user? No problem, we have the perfect solution for you!